Lamp shade shapes and their effect on lighting

Lamp shades come in many shapes and sizes, with each having its own unique effect on the lighting of a room. Choosing the right shape of lamp shade for your lamp can help you achieve the level of illumination and ambiance you require, whether you need the light to work, relax or just create a warm and inviting environment. Here are some common lamp shade shapes and their effects on lighting.

Empire-shaped lamp shades

Empire-shaped lamp shades have a narrower top and a wider bottom, creating a flared shape that adds a touch of elegance to any lamp. These shades look great in any size and are often used for table lamps and floor lamps. They work equally as well in large and small spaces. Empire lamp shades create a more focused beam of light, which makes them ideal for task lighting.

Drum-shaped or cylinder-shaped lamp shades

Drum-shaped or cylinder-shaped lamp shades are a popular choice as they provide an even distribution of light and work well with a wide range of lamp styles. Depending on the bulb you pair with the shade, drum-shaped lamp shades can be ideal for creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Horn-shaped lamp shades

Horn-shaped lamp shades have a narrow top and a wider bottom, creating a tapered shape which directs the light downwards. These shades are typically used for task lighting, such as reading lamps or desk lamps and make a great option for people who work from home. They provide a focused beam of light that illuminates the area directly below the lamp.

Bell-shaped lamp shades

Bell-shaped lamp shades have a wide base and a narrow top, creating a classic and timeless look. These shades are often paired with traditional lamp bases and work well in smaller spaces as they have a dainty look which is appealing to those who don’t have space for a large and overpowering shade. Bell-shaped lamp shades emit light in smaller amounts and tend to work best for ambient lighting, rather than task-based lighting.

Square-shaped lamp shades

Square-shaped lamp shades are a unique and modern option for lamps. They provide a clean and geometric look which works well in contemporary spaces. They diffuse the light evenly and provide a soft, ambient glow.

Whether you prefer a classic and timeless look or a modern and geometric style, there is a lamp shade shape that can help you create the perfect lighting for your space.

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