Eco-friendly interiors: why linen should feature throughout your home

As consumers become increasingly aware of the impact their purchases can have on the environment, more people are turning to natural fibres not only when buying new clothes, but also the textiles they use in their homes.

Linen has long been a luxe addition to the home no matter what a person’s style is, but this ancient fabric has more going for it than just a timeless look. Here are a few reasons why linen should feature throughout your home.

Low environmental footprint

Flax plants (from which linen fibres are cultivated) do not require the same amount of water and pesticides as other plants do to encourage growth. It is, therefore, friendlier to the environment and better for humans to use in their homes.


Flax fibres are incredibly strong and can actually increase in strength when they are wet. This means that linen wears very well and doesn’t shed or deteriorate when it is washed, it simply softens. Linen makes an excellent fabric for cushions, bed linens, tablecloths and throws which are used and washed often. For linen décor which isn’t washed or used daily, such as lampshades and curtains, linen will last even longer and if high quality, will hold its shape and texture.

Unlike other fabrics which can be sensitive to environmental factors like pets and young children, linen is easy to care for, can usually be machine-washed and does not even need to be ironed to retain its look.

Effortless style

When you incorporate high quality fabrics into your home interiors you can rest assured that your interiors will inherently look effortlessly stylish. Linen is never ‘on trend’ because it is always a chic choice and no matter how you change the rest of your interiors your linen pieces will always blend seamlessly with any additional pieces you welcome into your home.

Linen fabrics will often feature unique irregularities in the weave or small knots and nodules, which all add to the texture and provenance of the item. These differences should be viewed as valuable and an ode to the natural manufacturing and finishing process of high quality linen, which will not be found in synthetic fibres.

Anti-Bacterial & Hypoallergenic

Due to its breathability, linen does not hold dust and other allergens in the way some other fabrics can. To this end, bed linens, sofas, curtains and other home furnishings made from linen can all contribute to a healthier home environment. Linen also has natural anti-bacterial properties.

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