What to look for when choosing a fabric lampshade.

A fabric lampshade with a beautiful print can change the whole look and feel of your space. If you have made the decision to opt for a fabric lampshade, here is what to look out for when deciding on the piece.


Lampshades made from linen or cotton (including cotton canvas) are a great choice. High-quality fabrics carry prints well and with care, they will look new for longer than their synthetic counterparts.  


You will no doubt choose a print based on something that catches your eye and speaks to your personal aesthetic, but choosing a timeless print such as florals, stripes, gingham or something abstract will also add to the longevity of the piece. If you are tossing up between two prints, aim for the one that doesn’t appear to be a trend item. You may tire of it quickly.


The size of your shade is so important! There is no point falling in love with a lampshade only to find it does not fit your base.


Ask yourself – is this lampshade for aesthetic purposes, practical use or a bit of both? While most shades will offer protection and diffusion of light, some will work harder than others. If you need a lamp for your workspace you may wish to choose a shade in creams or pastels that the light can penetrate and will therefore be functional and look great, too.


Like any household item it is important to care for your lampshade. It doesn’t take too much work, but it should be considered before you settle on a new shade. A good wipe down or dust at least every couple of weeks will help to keep it free from grime and marks. If you are considering a pleated or gathered shade, you should be mindful to clean between the gathers as well.

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