Unique Lampshade Shapes and Designs


Empire lamp shades are the most common style found at Pip and Haze. They have a tapered shape where the top diameter of the shade is larger than the bottom diameter, creating an A-line effect.

The beauty of an empire lamp shade is that it never goes out of style and depending on the aesthetic of your home, you can opt for a more traditional or modern look with your surrounding pieces, but you will always find that your empire lamp shade stands the test of time no matter how you style it.

Empire lamp shades are suitable for almost any lamp base – just make sure you measure your base so your shade is an appropriate size.

Drum or Cylinder

Drum or cylinder lampshades are another classic shape which suits any home décor. They provide a sleek, simple and low-key style which blends in well with its surrounds but can equally be an eye catching piece when created out of bright and bold fabrics.

These types of shade look fantastic with most lamp bases and are a subtle way to draw attention when you want your lamp base to be the focus of your room.

Tapered Drum

A tapered drum lamp shade looks similar to the drum or cylinder style but has a slightly tapered top. This is not to be confused with the empire style, which has a more exaggerated taper at the top.

Tapered drum lamp shades are easy to match with most lamp bases, depending on the colour and fabric you decide on.


Coolie lamp shades have a very distinctive flattened cone shape and are a more modern and contemporary style.

Coolie shades can be simple or decorative depending on the fabric and finishes used, for example, pleated lamp shades are often made in the coolie shape. As this style tends to be more modern, lamp bases which work well with coolie styles tend to be a bit more limited compared to the empire or drum styles.


Bell lamp shades look similar to a bell, with a smaller top which curves out before finishing with a flared bottom.

This style is not typically found in modern décor and is usually used for more traditional homes. Bell lamp shades look best when paired with ornate bases.


Dome lamp shades are also often referred to as bowl lamp shades. They do not tend to have a modern feel and are typically made from glass, rather than fabrics. Dome lamp shades look best when paired with a cylindrical base.


Square lamp shades are the same size on all sides, just like a square. They tend to have a more modern feel and look best when atop a square or angular base which mirrors the straight lines of the shade.

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