The history of pleated lampshades

In recent years, pleated lampshades have experienced a surge in popularity and with their full and textured finish and warm and lively prints this could be owed in part to people spending more time at home and looking for beautiful and unique ways to enhance their living spaces.

Pleated lampshades, although sourced easily now, weren’t always available. In fact, lampshades weren’t always made from fabric – originally they were made out of paper and were only designed as a means to direct and diffuse light. As time went on versions of the lampshade saw them being crafted from material and adorned with embellishments such as beads and fringing. This tradition has continued and today we are fortunate to have access to lampshades that can be considered works of art in their own right.

Pleated lampshades were present as far back as the Victorian era, albeit in a slightly different form as they are found now. Rather than the entire shade being gathered, lamps of this period were made from plain-coloured fabrics, such as velvet, and featured pleats only around the top usually with long fringing to finish off the edges.

The modern style of gathered shade is a little bit more daring and can typically be found in fun and vibrant prints that work brilliantly with equally dazzling bases. Pleated lampshades are an item that has been included in countless home lines, with major international brands such as Laura Ashley and Liberty London among those who have featured the style over the years.

At Pip & Haze we make fashionable and sustainable gathered shades available to the Australian market so you can enjoy these stunning timeless pieces in your own home.

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