Pleated lamp shades to suit any style.

Pleated lamp shades provide the perfect blend of classic elegance and textural design. If it’s soft and pretty or printed and edgy that you are after, there’s a pleated shade to suit any style. Here is how to work a pleated lamp shade into your home décor.

Minimalists who love sparse spaces will benefit from the multi-faceted stylings of a pleated shade. When you like to keep your surfaces bare, a pleated shade ticks all the boxes and offers character, form and functionality all in one package. Whether the finish your prefer is plain or patterned, a pleated shade won’t overcrowd the space or take over the room.

Fabric lamp shades have an historical association with femininity, but the sharp-edged folds of a pleated shade mean that unless you want it to, your lamp will never look frou frou or too girly. A masculine or neutral energy can easily be achieved by opting for a monochromatic pleated shade complemented by natural materials like wood and leather.

Retro and eclectic spaces welcome any style of lighting, but a pleated shade works particularly well in this setting. When created from a unique fabric and paired with an intentionally mismatched base, the pleated shade brings its own sense of fun and nostalgia and can carry its own in a room full of quirks and nuances.

Country living is often associated with shabby chic interiors a pleated shade can fit in to this theme seamlessly. Sprays of florals, pretty paisleys and gorgeous ginghams provide the perfect prints for this look, and when coordinated with a chinoiserie porcelain or whitewashed wooden base, you’ll create an unexpected yet classic lamp for your cosy and well-planned space.

No matter what your style is, you’re bound to find a pleated lamp shade to suit!

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