Pairing Batik and Ikat lampshades with any style interior.

Batik and Ikat fabrics don’t just look stunning in homes in Indonesia. Fashioned into lampshades, these prints can add a touch of interest to any décor. Here we take a look at some of the most popular interior style trends and how you can work a Batik or Ikat lampshade into the décor that resonates most with your style and home.


Batik and Ikat lampshades pair beautifully with sleek, modern homes. The abstract nature of the traditional prints is fitting for architecturally designed properties, and in homes where colour is mostly absent the bright pops can add life where needed.

Eclectic Bohemian

It goes without saying that Batik and Ikat lampshades marry well with eclectic and bohemian décor. The free form of the prints will feel right at home amongst a variety of other textures, colours and mediums, even if they are competing. The history and provenance of Batik and Ikat fabrics also lends itself to a homely and inviting space, much like eclectic, bohemian interiors do.

Country chic

Country chic interiors tend to be on the rustic-yet-cutesy side and have an ‘anything goes’ kind of feel. The patterns found on Batik and Ikat lampshades meld seamlessly with this ethos because despite their beauty, the designs don’t always follow the rules and tend to have a rough readiness to them. Warm-hued Batik and Ikat prints pair beautifully with dark woods, textured rugs and exposed brickwork.


Blue and green-hued Batik and Ikat lampshades are the perfect addition to a coastal home. The transitioning colours that create the patterns mimic the ocean itself and add texture to an interiors style that can sometimes become white washed and stagnant if too much of the same is introduced to the room. Where mostly whites and light colours have been used, complete the look with a bold blue lamp base and vibrant turquoise shade.

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