Let your lamp do the talking: how a shade can be the hero piece

A lamp does not have to be an afterthought or an item that blends into the background. Have you ever considered that it could actually be a feature? Let your lamp have the spotlight! Here’s how a shade can be the hero piece in your room.

When choosing a lamp shade that you want to be the talking point of your space, aim for something that packs a punch in terms of size, colour or both. Depending on your level of boldness you can opt for a small but wildly colourful piece that commands the attention of the room, a larger, more understated number that looms and impresses, or something striking in both size and hue that ties the rest of the décor together.

Unique lamp shades made from intricately-patterned material can easily become the centre of attention. Choose a print that both complements, and is complemented by, the colours already in in use your space. A handy hint is to go for something less obvious. For example, if you are matching a floral patterned-shade to your cushions, try to accentuate the colour of the grain in the leaf rather than looking for an exact match for the petal or background colour.

A point of interest, such as a shade with texture or embellishments, is another sure way to help your lamp achieve hero status. A pleated shade made from a printed fabric can be an absolute show-stopper, particularly when placed atop a daring base.

Whether it’s a monochrome look you are trying to elevate or an already colourful room that just needs that something extra, a lamp shade can provide the unexpected burst of vibrancy you need. Why not make yours a conversation piece?

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