Lamps for a lifetime: classic lamp shades you'll never tire of.

In the age of social media, it is easy for your home inspiration to change at the click of a button, a swipe through Instagram or a scroll on Pinterest. But chopping and changing your décor every few months can be costly, wasteful and leave your home lacking cohesion and sophistication. On the other hand, choosing classic, timeless pieces that are not part of a trend can help you to build an elegant look that moves with you through time.

To ensure you are choosing classic lamp shades that won’t date, opt for those made from robust fabrics like thick cotton, canvas and high-quality linen secured to a sturdy frame in a conventional shape.

Pick prints that have stood the test of time like botanica, stripes, paisley and simple geometric patterns, rather than gimmicky prints that can quickly become age inappropriate, are hard to match with a wide range of colours or that you may simply grow bored of.

Intricate details like beading or fringing can look pretty to begin with, but if they suffer from any damage the shade can look old and tired before its time. For texture, try a pleated shade that will add interest but doesn’t bear the risk of a losing a tassel or having an embellishment break.

Most importantly you should avoid fads - they come and go for a reason. For a shade to last the distance it should be an item you can imagine yourself looking at for many years to come, a special piece you will take with you if you move house and something that could work across a number of different bases if you feel like switching up your style.

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