Lamp shades for sconces and chandeliers

The addition of sconces or a chandelier to your home can be an elegant or striking way to introduce a lighting feature if you are short on floor or surface space. Instead of squeezing a floor or table lamp into an area where it simply won’t fit, the same level of lighting can be achieved with an impressive light feature or unique sconces.

If you are thinking of installing a chandelier or sconces, or have existing fittings you would like to update, you may not have realised that lamp shades can also be added to soften the light and tie your room’s décor together. You may be wondering how to add a shade to these fittings or where you can even buy lampshades that are fit for purpose, but Pip & Haze has you covered – literally!

With our candle clip fittings, your shades can sit securely on the light bulb, rather than on the sconce or the chandelier itself. The candle clip fittings are engineered with enough flex to fit directly on to a candle bulb and they can be easily removed when it’s time to change the bulb.

Being a smaller style, lampshades can carry a print with gusto. If you are usually colour or print averse, opting for a pattern you may normally shy away from presents the perfect opportunity to add a touch of liveliness to your décor without it feeling overpowering.

Depending on the number of bulbs your chandelier takes, you will be required to buy multiple shades to affix to each one. Bear in mind that not all lamp shades will be suitable as they must be small enough to sit alongside each other with at least a small amount of space in between. For reference, our candle clip fittings are 16 cm at their widest point and are narrower toward the top.

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