Keeping your home on trend without going out of style.

When it comes to home décor, it can be so easy to get sucked into buying items that are popular right now, replicas of high-end designer products or purchasing bits and pieces simply because they are cheap. However, when it comes keeping your home looking up-to-date and on trend without it going out of style, your best bet is to invest in pieces that will stay in vogue for many years to come. Here’s how you can achieve a fashionable look that won’t date quickly.

Buy well

High quality items in fabrics and patterns that don’t do not conform to trends will always be in style - think floral, striped or abstract-printed cottons and linens that can be mixed and matched back with block colours or a neutral base.  

Trust your own style

If you are naturally drawn to something the chances are that you will continue to love it for many years to come. Finding inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest is a great way to form your idea, but ultimately you need to feel like the space is suited to your taste and needs or it will feel outdated quickly.

Build your look

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your interiors don’t need to be, either. An eclectic but timeless collection of furniture, art, soft furnishings, lighting and other additions to your décor can be collected over time, at meaningful points in your life and when you travel to interesting places. Pieces that are unique to your home and taste are sure to remain in style and nothing will ever be more trendy than special pieces that are hard to find or recreate.

Rather than completely overhauling your look in one go, try to eliminate anything that has run its course, hold on to the classics and then work your way back to a timeless and sophisticated look with the addition of some new pieces using the tips above.

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