How to care for lampshades?

Like most household items, lampshades can collect dust or receive scuff marks if they touch other surfaces. It is a common misconception that lampshades are hard to care for because they are often made of delicate fabrics. Not only is that untrue that fine fabrics cannot be cleaned, but it is also imperative that you do care for your lampshades to increase their lifespan and keep them looking fresh.

To remove dust and dirt from a fabric lampshade you should first remove it from the base. Depending on the nature of the shade and whether it features details or embellishments you can use one of the following methods:

Vacuum Cleaner – using just the nozzle or an upholstery attachment (and a low suction if possible), vacuum the surface all over.

Hairdryer – in a similar fashion, a hairdryer may be used to blow away loose dust. This method is best tried outside and on a cold setting.

Lint brush – a lint brush typically used on clothing can also be used to grab dust. This is a more mild and controlled method than the vacuum cleaner and can also be used gently on delicate fabrics or shades with intricate stitching or beading.

Microfibre cloth – gently swipe the surface of the shade with a dry cloth to pick up the dust. Do not rub the surface as this may stain the fabric and is unlikely to remove dust or dirt.

If your shade is pleated a small, unused makeup or paint brush can be helpful in removing dust from between the pleats.

When caring for your shade you should wear gloves to avoid marking the fabric with fingerprints and be careful to hold only the frame of the shade, so that dents, creases and tears do not occur.

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