Gathered lampshades – why they’re the finishing touch you need for your home.

In a world where fast fashion and mass produced products are the norm, gathered lampshades are the exception. Pip & Haze shades are made with care and thoughtfulness, with the fabrics hand selected and the shades themselves made by skilled artisans.

If you have recently updated your décor or are thinking about embarking on a change, a gathered lampshade will be the cherry on top of the job. Available in an array of colour palettes and prints, gathered lampshades can be a standout piece in a more subdued room or an added layer of frivolity in a vivacious and bright space.

Why will your gathered lampshade be the finishing touch? When you think of items that can tie a look together things like cushions, a throw or a rug come to mind. But a lampshade – teamed with the perfect base – is an unexpected way of incorporating the colours and theme of the room into one object that also serves as a functional piece. By highlighting your gathered lampshade and base as the hero of the room you will have at least one object that tells the décor’s story.

Gathered lamp shades also provide you with a relatively low cost way to change the look and feel of your room. Rather than undertaking a complete overhaul of the space, you can swap out some dated cushion covers for new ones and introduce a fresh lamp shade which accents some of the new or existing colours surrounding it and you are guaranteed to give your room’s look a whole new lease on life without breaking the bank.

So, if you are upgrading your interiors but feel you haven’t quite finished the job yet, give a gathered lamp shade a go.   

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