Five ways to transform your living space with lighting

To say that you can transform your living space with lighting might seem like an over statement, but it is the truth. A room is just not complete without proper lighting and besides, what is the point of having a beautiful space if the details within it are not able to be seen?

Transforming your living space with lighting is easily done and does not have to rely on renovations or installations. A few simple additions and clever placements is all you need.

  • The use of multiple small lamps dispersed around the room is a lovely way to bring intimacy to a large room. The aim is to soften the overwhelming space by using a cohesive set of lamps. The lamps should all have a common thread such as colour or shape, but do not need to be identical for this look to work.


  • Creating the illusion of a larger space can also be achieved through deliberate placement. Symmetry helps to make a room feel larger, so placing a lamp on tables either side of your bed or sofa can be beneficial when you have less space to play with.


  • Tall lamps are sure to brighten up your space – literally and figuratively. Don’t let the corners of the room remain bare; fill awkward and empty gaps with a dramatic new base and shade that will add levels and interest to your living area.


  • Strategically placed lighting can make the world of difference in your bedroom, lounge room or study. A lamp placed near a mirror or other reflective surface can maximise the light’s impact, meaning there is less need for harsh overhead lighting.


  • Take a multifunctional approach to lighting your room. When choosing light fittings or lamp shades, go for artistic, sculptural and interesting pieces that command attention and double as both practical household items and works of art.

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