Confidence with colour: how to add vibrancy to your home piece-by-piece

If you are trying to introduce more colour to your home interiors you might be wondering how to go about it without oversaturating the space or making it look contrived and too matchy-matchy. The trick with colour is that it doesn’t need to be added all in one hit. Here’s how to confidently add vibrancy to your space with colour.

Update your soft furnishings. Cushions, throws and curtains are all fantastic gateway items on the journey to a colourful room. Better yet, they’re all impermanent and can be changed back easily and cost effectively if the look isn’t quite right. 

Add a piece of art. Nothing brightens up a plain room like a bold, dramatic artwork. If strong colours aren’t your cup of tea, pastels can also make an impact and provide a more passive approach to building colour in your space.

Supplement a piece here and there. If a bland item can be changed for a colourful one, swap it out. For example, lamp shades often come in neutral colours like beige and off white, but what about khaki, burnt orange or plum? All these colours will tie in nicely with neutral surrounds but are palatable tones to introduce to an otherwise ordinary setting.  Why not introduce a Pip & Haze Gathered or Pleated Shade?

Test out a feature wall. Wallpaper is making a huge come back and applying colour or print to just one surface of the room might turn out to be the leap you’ve always needed to take to bring colour into your home. If you’re not quite ready for a feature in your living space, try it in your powder room or study nook first.

Adding colour to your home doesn’t have to feel daunting. With a slight change or new addition every few months you can ease it in slowly and confidently.  

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