Choosing the right base for your lamp shade!

After finding the perfect lamp shade for your room it is time to pick a suitable base. There are a few rules to follow when matching a shade with a base and these will help the overall look of the lamp to be balanced and intentional.

A shade that allows for at least half an inch on either side of the base will provide poise and symmetry. Too much overhang can diminish the base’s purpose, while too little can undermine the shade and appear to be an afterthought.

The general rule of thumb is that a larger shade will look better than a smaller one that is on the small side, so unless you have a very tall and thin base you should upsize your shade.  

The shade’s height should equate to about three quarters of the height of the base, whereas the shade’s width at its base should be roughly the same height that the base measures from top to bottom.

Choosing and sticking to a theme can help determine the base/lamp combination. If the shade is floral-patterned, for example, a nautical-themed base may not be well suited. By pairing colours, textures and shapes you will create a cohesive appearance.

Ultimately, personal preference and the design of both the shade and the base will prevail, but by following these simple rules you will be left with a lovely-looking lamp that is neither unbalanced nor mismatched, and the lamp’s functionality – both as a decorative piece and a lighting implement - will be maximised.

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