5 tips to make lamps lift your home interiors

If you’re bored of your home’s current style or love the interiors but simply want to add colour, texture and interest to the existing look, lamps can be a great way mix up or elevate your style. Using a lamp to change the feel of your home can be impermanent, relatively inexpensive and functional, and is a fantastic starting point for testing out a new direction for your décor.

Here are five tips to make lamps lift your home interiors.

  1. Go bold with colour

A monochromatic room can look incredibly chic, but it can also lack depth. Adding a brightly coloured lamp can be just the jolt of excitement your room requires to take it to the next level.

  1. Play with layers

If you do not have much space to work with, don’t be afraid to use all the height available to you. A tall base and/or oversized lampshade can double as a work of art and can even make a small room feel larger.

  1. Add value with an investment piece

Beautiful rooms can be created on a budget, but there’s nothing like a stunning lamp to really seal the deal. Your cushions can be cheap, your coffee table generic, but a unique lamp crafted from high-end materials will lift everything to new heights.

  1. Use every last inch of space

Stretched for surface area? Lamps aren’t just for table tops. Tall, skinny bases can sneak into small spaces (like between the wall and the couch) and shades can be attached to wall sconces to create an unexpected feature for your room.

  1. Set the mood

Lamps provide soft, subtle lighting that can add warmth and homeliness to a cold or dull room. Change the tone with the addition of a lamp that adds comfort to your setting.

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